"I have been a customer of D & J Small Engines for 23 years. David Haney is as conscientious and fair today as he was before. You will be pleased with his work."

Ted Anderson
Boise, Idaho

"My name is Robert Harold and I am the owner of Black Butte Lawn Care and Maintenance Company. I have been doing business with D&J Small Engines since the fall of 2005. I have purchased almost all of my equipment from Dave and his wonderful staff totaling over $14,000.00. As a small business owner, time is money. When I need a new piece of equipment Dave will let me know what my options are and let me know which product is the best for my application. He will also let me know of any available options and he will make sure that the product is right for me. Most importantly, Dave will get the product fast and at a fair price. D&J Small Engines also takes care of my snow mobiles. This would be reason enough to recommend D&J to anyone interested in purchasing any lawn equipment or accessories. For myself, I found the real quality of D&J Small Engine Repair is to be after the sale. Dave and his staff have gone to bat for me in many ways on several occasions. They have stood behind each and every product I have purchased, provided not only quality service, but they have exhibited a sense of urgency which matches my own. They provide myself and other small business owners with priority service which has allowed me to meet or exceed my own commitment to my customers. Randy, Dave’s chief mechanic, has worked on all my equipment and done an excellent job. He always explains exactly what was done and has not yet met an obstacle which he could not overcome. He has also done some pretty incredible trouble shooting, finding exactly what is wrong, without wasting my time and money. Julie, works the desk and could not be more professional, courteous and informative. In conclusion I would like to thank Dave, Randy and Julie for all that they have done for my business and my family. The quality of service and product I receive allows my business to thrive and my family to be taken care of by the success of my operation. I have raved about D&J to scores of business and personal contacts and I will continue to do so."

Robert Harold
Owner: Black Butte Lawn Care and Maintenance

"If any one is listening… let me tell you what I have been thinking.
Our company, RKH Landscaping INC., has been in Boise area over 20 years. We have twelve full time employees and maintain nine walk-behind mowers, and eight self-propelled 21” mowers, plus edger’s, whips, hedge trimmers, blowers.
Over the years we have tried many brands of equipment…most had their positive and negative features. However, the one thing that often made or broke the attitude and feeling about the equipment was the service department of dealers or many of the small engine shops we patronized.
There are service departments and then there are Service Departments where the technicians take your problems and break downs serious. Many have told us, that it will be a week before they can get to your mower problem. That adds another disaster to our problem. So we shopped around.
The last 3-4 years we have been with D&J Small Engines… and I do not really know how they do it, but rarely do we have a piece of equipment in their shop more than one day. Often they can services, adjust and make many repairs the same day. I often tell them if the unit is urgent or if they can have several days for repairs.
I’ve told other folks about the service we receive at D& J Small Engine. I have never heard one complaint on time or quality of service. Often some fellow lawn mowing contractors talk with us about where quality and time service is offered. Small operators with less equipment often suffer loss because time down of a key unit. I would recommend the service and the smiles at D&J Small Engines-Sales and Service."
…Ed Kerschensteiner…and sons… Scott, Harold are the co-owners of RKH Landscaping Inc

RKH Landscaping Inc.

"We have been doing business with D&J Small Engines for ten years. Keeping our four mortar mixers working is critical to our business. We rely on D&J to perform quick and knowledgeable service so that we can get back to work.
Also, we take our lawn mowers, weed trimmers and saw to D&J Small Engines.
I would recommend them to anyone needing these repairs."

Roger Purcell
Treasure Valley Stucco, Inc.

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